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In case you don’t know, the new chapter of You’re is up for WordPress users also.  For instance, Chapter 22 is new to you guys, but WordPress gets the chapters first, so they have chapter 23 up.  The links haven’t been put in, but you can find it on the previous post.  The Posting order goes as follows:  Facebook, WordPress.   My posting weeks begins on Wednesdays.  So anything posted from today until next Tuesday is what is loaded up for FanFiction the following Wednesday.  There is goodies to be found for coming to the site I own.

Welcome to my WordPress, where it gets fun.  Sit back and enjoy.  And if you like teasers, go to the Facebook Group.  We have fun, share stories, and teasers galore.  I am off to write the last chapter of the story I am working on now…..



Today is great Day!


Why?  Cause another installment of You’re is ready for you to read!!!  Damon looks at the readers, “Why you are still here not reading about me??”  (Shh!  They are reading my post then they will get to you!)

Don’t forget, it might get a little confusing, but here on WordPress, the chapter is posted first and next week this chapter will be making its way to other sites.  And if you were in the Group earlier today, you would see that I posted there when I got up I had hit publish….  Yes I know I am mean, but hey, it’s all good!

So what have I been up to?  Sleeping.  Oh yeah this past weekend I made a BUNCH of banners.  Go on to the Banner page under Other and you can see all the banners that have been made.  We were a busy group this past weekend.  I also had wedding stuff all weekend, and my body just gave out yesterday telling me staying up to 3am and getting up early was not going to cut it.  I am still in the process of negotiations, but it aint looking good for my night owl self.

Reminders.  Food Blog.  Tea Bog..  Amazon links.  Good enough?  Yeah.  Use them please!!  Specially the Amazon one!  You can bookmark the link.  It works.

So what is going on in the writing world?  Well I could give you a glimpse of my whiteboard, but that aint fun…  Why would you want all my notes written out for you to see?  But I will tell you Wisdom is coming to you in five chapter groups.   I am writing the last chapter of the Wisdom for the 1st part.  If you guys will want more, you can tell me.  Otherwise I will keep it the first 5.

After that is Clocks, then finishing the Twilight fic.   And finally the part you guys love, editing!!  Yep, I will be editing a bunch of stories, and you guys get to have new reading material.  And I will go off to finish my OF.   When I am done with that, I am hoping to work on more fics.

So I am busy as heck.  And of course Meridian keeps telling me rest, and I laugh and do my thing, and then days like yesterday happen when I am too tired to do anything but sleep.  She always has to be right.  Why do I bother arguing?

Many get wells are still being sent to the original beta of You’re.  And many huge thanks to Meridian for stepping in and getting this beta’d so she can rest and you guys can have your chapters.

Not the least, MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO VOTED FOR ME!!!  Please see the Banners to see what places I got this time!! Thanks again!!

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And many thanks to those who voted for our other ladies in the group!!

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Enjoy the Chapter!


I know it is late… but there is a reason!


Yep, It’s Sunday, and you guys liked the idea of me showcasing talent on my site.  So I was excited when Robin told me that she made a video for me!  And it was loading…everyone eager to watch, none more than me… Then her dogs pulled out the power cord to the computer.  No kidding.

She felt so bad she had me view it on her computer, and I told her I would wait when the connection was not nice to us.  I waited, and it finally posted to You Tube.  So here I am with my video to tempt to writing more Damon.  Anything.  LMAO!!

Also…It seems Gyllene and Robin had some time on their hands and when I complained I wanted to make banners and couldn’t figure it out, they worked with me, to the point they did the networking thing, and nice, patient, Gyllene sat there and showed me what I was doing wrong.  Let’s say I may have taken off.  I am going off to update the Banners as requested by Gyllene with the ones I worked on.  And I am still learning and playing with effects and so on.  I plan to work on it during the times I am lacking time to get into stories.  And weekends.  However weekends have been with that whole not able to work on stories thing.

Winners for the Writing Contest for this month?  Well I will drop the Banners here and you can see them.  They are truly all awesome and I am looking forward to this month’s submissions.  After I make all the stuff ready for it of course!

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Other fan made videos?  Hmm.  I think I will start off with an odd one, but I loved it, and watch it still to this day.  This is an Alice 2009 fan made video made by LollyMalfoy featuring Silent Lucidity by Queensryche.

I plan on doing these more timely, but hey, it was all for a good reason!  So enjoy the videos, and give 4Padfoot some loving and subscribe to her You Tube!  And if you go to visit LollyMalfoy’s Syfy Alice – Silent Lucidity, tell her Kittyinaz sent you.  LOL!

I will see you later this week with a chapter update.



New You’re Chapter is Ready!

Damon 214

Yep you heard it here!  And let me tell you.  when Karen puts the warning that it is NSFW, she really means it!  Yes folks, we are talking that this chapter will not be as fun for those on FanFiction.  It is a MA pictures with MA scenes being described.

And if you had been wondering how I tied in the original books, a lot of it will become clear as you read it.

Now for happenings around the Kittyinaz block.

There are those fandoms voting we spoke of last week.  I would really appreciate it if you vote for me.  Pretty please?  And vote for all those great people that I listed.   They all deserve it.

Tea Blog, yeah think next week for that one.  Wedding people.  Big huge family wedding that will have guests here all weekend and throughout the week.  What does this mean?  Starting Friday (Because this snuck up on me, it really did somehow and I did think that I will mysteriously drop some weight.) I have to go out shopping.  Such a chore.  <sighs>  How am I to get through it?

The food blog bi-weekly thing I do will be late cause lets face it, no grocery shopping will be happening until AFTER the wedding stuff is taken care of.

untitledThe MamaKitty had some great news this week, she has been declared cancer free now.   We are so relieved, it has not soaked in yet.  As a reward, she is getting the house painted.  LOL. I get barky Connor all day, she gets a pretty house.  And I know what it coming, landscaping next.  yuck.  I hate pulling weeds.

The voting for the one shots for the challenge will be over tomorrow.  I think Robin’s time.  So go vote!  Make it exciting!!!!  There are some truly awesome stories out there! Make your voice be heard!

And there may be or may not be truth in a rumor that my group is up to something bug, huge even.  We may or maynot be kicking it around to see if any bugs fall out.  If you want to get in on something groundbreaking, get yourself hither to the Facebook Group!

Now go shoo.  There is a chapter to read, one shots to read and vote.  (And leave reviews on too!! They check for those!) and many fun things on the site.

We also have a new member to the admin group here at Kittyinaz. I want to welcome Gyllene to the group.  Seems Robin wanted a minion.  I guess she got tired of being mine.  So she got one.  This will be fun between the two, cause I can already tell you, they work awesomely together!

So enjoy!!


Happy Sunday!!


Yeah.  I figure I would write this, and see what happens.  We have a couple things I wanna try here.  First, I want to highlight some of the unknown abilities of the group.

See our WordPress Whisperer, is freaking awesome!!! Look below and you can see video she made for our very own Bertie Bott.  She made it for her new Bella/Loki Fic.  Which has me begging her for updates all the time.  I was on the edge of my seat waiting with Bertie Bott for the video.  When she published it to our group, I squealed.  Then I squealed even louder when she made a comment.   However that will wait. You can see the video here:

The other thing is I love fan made videos.  Love them to death, and often Rissa has to throw me a line on You Tube to pull me from there. I also use it as my MTV from when it started.  Yep, I dated myself, but there was once upon a time you watched MTV for music videos.  Right now I have been writing (And teasing) to a fic that I am attempting to write ONLY using Linkin Park.  So here is the song for the next chapter. Warning, I do need tissues for this one:

Please let me know if you wish me to showcase more fan made videos like Robin did, or others.  I will be happy to show you guys some of the better ones I REALLY enjoy.  Or the ones that hooked me on Alice before I ever watched the movie.  (Yes, You Tube can be credited for the start of my writing career.  Funny how things work, huh?)

I also would like to show other things, but since it is late at night, I need permission to show you guys the other fantastic abilities we have in our group.  I know I am pushy in our group, but I want their permission to show you guys.

Lastly, I am going back to dropping teasers of my chapters. Which I am trying to do each day I write.  I also played a game today and gave the 2 winners an unedited first chapter of the current fic I am writing.  I am going to attempt to do this more often.  Weekends are going to be the time to hit the group.  I will not play when I know most people are at work.  Not fair.

So let me know what you think, and leave some love for Robin!!!   Also, go check out Bertie Bott‘s new story and give her some more of that love from you guys.  Go ahead.  It freaking makes me grin and be all happy and stuff when I am told that because I shared an update, their stats jumped and they are being talked about.  Love it!!! I am wanting to share the excitement of writing, and you guys are letting that happen.  Go.  Click… Read… and let them know you came from here.

Lastly, don’t forget to vote!!!!   You can vote more than once.  And it’s conveniently on the side.  So… VOTE!!! Have fun you guys, and I’ll probably see you later this week.


New You’re Chapter!


Yep.  It’s here.  And it has a story!  ( I know you are moaning and going to find the pic to click… but hey! My post!)

See I wrote this, and Sitalia25 has been the beta on it all this time.  Due to circumstances WAY beyond her control, and then us worried as hell about her, and then she told us to go ahead with it, she is going to concentrate on getting better, (Which I support one hundred percent!!!!!!!!!  I rather she came back for the sequels!  In prefect health!)  She is up to date on the Vampire Diaries and what is going on there and she talks with me a lot.

Then comes all this shit, and Meridian is taking over.  Now Meridian is the Queen Beta of all of it, and she does I Never…Did and the Set You Free Trilogy, as well as various one shots and the Interviews.  She is also in charge of the Betas which means she overlooks it all.  However, she doesn’t know Vampire Diaries.  She is getting brought up to date quickly, but she is looking at the story from an outside viewpoint, and came up with all these questions on this chapter.  So I went back and added over 2K words to make it make sense.

Then I told my betas that she did the right thing, and if they find issues, ASK!!!  Because I am in my own happy little worlds that I see everything.  I forget sometimes you guys can’t tell.  So I went back and helped clarify it all.

I know you guys have questions about how Jasper and Bella are related, and I will say it will be answered.  And it will be answered for Jasper and Bella.  Since they are not sure either, since Jasper doesn’t know what happened and how Bella is his family.

Right now I got a couple of reviews about a one shot I had done long ago, and it sparked something.  I am off to see what it can be.  For this is Friday, and I am writing this ahead of time, cause I am doing stuff tonight (seeing Captain America!), and then tomorrow I will be starting the spring clean of the house.  My mom is tired of all the piles of stuff in closets and hidden away everywhere.  I hate the smell coming from places, and since smells can make bad reactions, we will be having MamaKitty working on that part.

I will be doing my thing, organizing it all.  Knew I never should have done her office.

Going on around the website, Food Blog, Tea Blog, yeah I will try to work on those this weekend.  Sundays are my days off and I have found that I need them.  No computers, no Facebook, nothing but being with hubs.  Who is in the Doghouse right now, but still.  Nice.  They are often his only days off too, so it works out.

The contest for the Challenges ends 04/10/2014 at Robin’s midnight.  I would say mine, but she is in charge of the results.  Next weekend is the wedding, so I will be out of here from Friday and be back on Monday.  We have out of towners coming also, so it all is going to be fun.  I hope!

Sequels, I have been getting requests for them, and they are in the works.  I am actually trying to get rid of fics.  But as I am going back to one shots, I do read your reviews and think on them, so DON’T give up!

Now I am going to work on what I can before all the people start descending on me.  Connor is sleeping at my feet happy to have someone home with him and in a room he thinks is his.  Though Mommie cleaned up all the junk and threw away all but the least damaged toys.  So he may be moping.  Either way, he is quiet and I am going to write.


(Meridian says:  Get well soon Sitalia25 – we really miss you, but please don’t worry about beta’ing right now.  Your health is WAY more important!   But…can I borrow your Vampire Diaries brain?  Please??  I won’t hurt it….honest I won’t!!  And:  Madam Kittyinaz:  Your brain is brilliant – no ifs, ands, or buts about it!  You’d make a FANTASTIC evil genius! )

And now, on to the chapter:


At last… a new chapter…


GO off to read, and don’t forget to vote.. so come back and vote

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*bursts into song* …Hallelujah, halle… okay, yeah that’s enough of that… yep, this works better :)


Mmmm, thank you Nate… Anyway… where was I… oh yes, a new chapter, finally!

Chapter 9 ~ Full of That Fire ~ is now up for TPaPoT… sorry for the wait and you know where to find it :)

(Will be off to hide in a moment, until the blushing stops…)

In other news, I actually have a one-shot entered in the contest over on Kittyinaz’s, click the link below to go to the contest page and have a look. It’s a blind vote with no names on the stories, so just choose your favourite to vote for :D


Also lastly, don’t forget the Fanatic Fanfic awards… I’m up for 4 awards in 3 categories, so if you haven’t voted yet then please do :)


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