Anyone who can help out, please do! Thanks!

Originally posted on Kelpie's Korner:

Alright, I have a problem. It’s not a huge problem…but it’s a problem nonetheless.

…I suck at grammar.

There I said it. I suck! I suck at spelling (thank god for spellcheck and autocorrect..sometimes…) and I super duper suck at grammar.

So since I have a new story nearly completed, I’m looking for a beta. Mike reads them all and gives feedback on them, but the grammar things seems to escape him to a degree as well.

So if anyone would like to help a girl out…please please pleeeeeeeeeease let me know.

And for the second thing, I’m rapidly running out of spotlights. So if y’all know of any authors you’d like to read about-or if you’re an author and would like to be featured-let me know. Any and all recommendations are welcome!

Thank you lovelies! And I will be back tomorrow with another author spotlight…..and it’s a good one!!!

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  1. nicole says:

    I minored in English and would love to help you! Have a very flexible schedule as well. Let me know.

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